Friday, April 12, 2013

All Aboard!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted; so much to be done.  Strange how one has no time at all when one is no longer working in the corporate world!

So, Cathy and I moved aboard finally on Saturday March 02.  We were in for a surprise or two.  Nanny Cay Marina is fantastic, but costly!  During our absence a few things developed; Refrigeration system had been replaced, several smaller things had to be done, but a big ticket item caused a headache:  We needed a new heat exchanger, which had to be ordered from Japan.  So, time that should have been offshore getting to know the boat was spent chillaxing waiting for the spare.  In the meantime, we realized the voltage regulator was not functioning, the head was leaking, and we needed to commission the watermaker.  Frustrating, but part of boating.  This is where we truly understood what the term Boat means:  Break Out Another Thousand.  At last, many, many BOATs later, we were ready to do a test run, and the picture sort of say it all.

Rainbow at Nanny Cay Marina soon after moving aboard

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